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Ultrasonic Cleaner – 6lt

ARTG Listed (TGA Approved)


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An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that cleans items by using ultrasound and water or an appropriate cleaning solvent.

If you are looking for an ultrasonic cleaner for your tools. The GT-Sonic range is a TGA approved, affordable option for you.

• Turbo power: Normal and soft function to resolve the cleaning blind spots
• Auto-degas function for laboratory purposes
• Automatic ultrasonic frequency tracking
• Memory function
• LED display for temperature and timer
• User friendly and clear panel make it easy to operate
• Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz
• All units come with basket and lid as standard

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Product Warranty

  • 1 Year


  • Capacity: 6L
  • Tank Size: 330 x 180 x 310 (LxWxH)
  • Heating power: 300W
  • Ultrasonic power: 150W
  • Temp Adjustable: ambient to 80°C
  • Drainage Valve: Yes
  • Digital Display
  • Timer: 1 – 99min