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Teknepto Lounge

Shampoo Unit


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The Teknepto Lounge offers clients absolute sophistication thanks to it’s unique shape giving it a natural recline. Simple, smooth, and space conscious, this shampoo lounge is designed for the new upcoming salons who wish to impress their clients. The Teknepto Lounge is upholstered in highly durable PU vinyl and memory foam for extra comfort.

Inspired by the European style backwash units, the lounge allows for stand behind or side washing. Below the bowl is an easy access panel for plumbing installation. Some assembly applies, please review the attached product PDF under the specifications tab for easy to follow instructions!

The tapware is Australian Certified and Watermark approved that has been rigorously tested for product quality, including health and safety, and warranted that it is fit for purpose.

  • Chair in MDF structure with metal reinforcement
  • Ceramic Basin with tilt mechanism
  • Steel base with powder coated finish
  • Upholstered in highly durable PU vinyl
  • Vinyl padded armrests
  • High density foam for extra comfort
  • Can wash from side or back of unit
  • Access panel at back of unit for plumbing
  • Includes Australian approved watermarked tapware

Height: 97cm

Width: 62cm

Length: 168cm


Spec Sheet For WB005B


Installation Sheet For WB005B