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Barber Chairs

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If youre looking for barber chairs for your shop you will definitely find one to suit your style at DSSE. DSSE has a great selection of barber shop vintage chairs for sale! We have everything from modern to vintage style chairs in a range of finishes including chrome, matte black and rose gold. 

Making sure your client is comfortable during their appointment is always our primary objectiveKeeping comfort in mind, we have manufactured the very best quality barber chairs on the market. DSSE barber chairs are made with high quality plush cushioned back, head rest and seat and include a leg rest that elevates when the chair is reclined. 

Our Continental and Gagliano barber chairs are the more modern style available. Depending on the look you are after these have either line or diamond stitching for added design. If you are after something a little more traditional our Don, Emperor and Sonny Black chairs are designed with chesterfield style tufted buttons. 

Our Vanquish in Rose Gold is a favourite for those looking for something a little different who want to make a statement. 

We offer a range of shipping options for our barber chairs Australia wide.