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Salon Styling Chairs

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A hairdressing salon is nothing if not stylish! A posh decor is why a customer will trust a salon in the first place. Give your shop a classy redo by getting super-luxurious and tasteful salon styling chairs from DSSE. Our chairs come with features such as gas or hydraulic lift, superior cushioning, chrome-plated soft-angled arms and are upholstered with premium PU vinyl, and high-quality high density foam. 

Check out our huge range of salon styling chairs including Zara, Madison, Estelle, Dakota, Bentley, Rhodes, Delta, Monica, Larissa and others. Our chairs combine elements of style with luxurious comfort making them relaxing and comfy for customers to sit on for long periods. 

For a beauty salon that’s just starting its journey to attract fashionable and high- paying clientele, it is important to get the right balance between ambience, functionality of equipment and decor. DSSE designs and manufactures unique and high-end beauty accessories and products that come with one to three years of warranty on labour and products. Since its inception 15 years ago, DSSE has been delivering simply the best product range in the hair and beauty industry at fairly economical prices.