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Eyelash Bed Pillow – Tan

Beauty Grade


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Due to a high demand from our lovely brow ladies, DSSE now stocks a Eyelash bed pillow which suits most of our beauty beds. The pillow has a plywood structure making it durable enough to apply pressure and memory foam for extra comfort. The bed pillow is also upholstered in medical grade vinyl.

This pillow suits:

  • Cosmos Beauty Chair
  • Mia Hydraulic Beauty Chair
  • 1 Motor Beauty Chair
  • 3 Motor Beauty Chair
  • Decima Treatment Chair
  • Olympus Treatment Chair
  • Hedera Treatment Chair

Pillows also available in other colours.

Product Warranty

  • Standard 12 months


  • Plywood structure
  • Upholstered in top quality medical grade vinyl
  • Soft vinyl and cushioning for extra comfort
  • Suits most DSSE beds

Height: 13cms

Width: 71cms

Depth: 36cms

Pillow thickness: 5cms