When setting up a medispa there are important things to consider beyond the treatments you will be offering to your clients. Unlike hair salons and beauty parlours special consideration needs to be given to medispa’s due to hygiene, medical, and clinic requirements and laws.

Client Nerves & Ambience

Think about the procedures your clients came in for. Is it invasive or uncomfortable? If you are using bright red colours in a room for waxing it will only exacerbate their anxious feelings. Overwhelming colours that visitors see as threatening may turn people away.

For your treatment rooms think of colours that calm and relax. All-white walls with no décor will make the area look sterile and create an ambiance similar to that of a hospital.

To create the right ambiance, try using earth tones and plenty of eye-catching décors. Think of serenity when selecting your décor. Blues often remind people of water and tranquillity and can have a soothing effect for anxious clients. Beige and grey can be good starting colours, but it doesn’t hurt to add a pop of colour like yellow or purple!

If you’ve ever been to a salon, the smell of chemicals can be overwhelming. To please the olfactory senses of your clients try introducing scents that are welcoming and calming.

Incense, candles, and essential oils are all incredibly potent scents that can mask the smell of any products you may need to use. Lavender, Jasmine, and chamomile are associated with calmness. Start with those.


Medical Spa treatments can sometimes be intimidating for customers, but having comfortable furniture can make a huge difference! Your furniture needs to be comfortable and practical. If you’re trying to stick with a certain ambiance, choose colours and styles that fit within that vision.

Harsh edges and squared-off chairs are great for a modern feel. If you’re trying to create a relaxing environment; choose items that match your décor but perhaps aren’t so harsh. The furniture you choose will affect the way your client perceives your business and the way they feel during treatment.

For medispa’s, an easily retractable chair that also folds out into a bed is the best option to allow you to perform a variety of treatments on your client whilst maintain client comfort. An Electric Bed will allow you to alter the positioning without any heavy lifting. The perfect Medi Spa Electric Bed has three motors, looks modern and clean and also allows for massage with detachable arms and a face hole with an insert pillow. As you perform these treatments, don’t discount your own comfort, a medical spa stool with a back rest can assist during lengthy treatments. Don’t forget lighting either! A magnifying LED light can be especially helpful when performing treatments on clients.


Although you may want to avoid making your medispa look “sterile” and unwelcoming, having a clean and sterile environment is incredibly important in the medispa space. As medispa’s often use equipment including needles, microdermabrasion, suction, and extraction machines and tools, a medical grade like environment should be adapted. Store skincare tools and products in a medical grade environment made of stainless steel for easy cleaning (like this Medical Grade Stainless Steel Trolley) Disposable of needles and sterilization/disinfecting of all tool heads in-between clients is essential. Rather than using harsh chemicals, bleaches, and disinfectants, try a specialized sterilizing unit, The Sterilizer uses micro radiation to sterilize beauty tools including those used in medispas.