This is a common question from barbers and salon professionals looking to upgrade their equipment or open a new shop. Purchasing a barber chair or chairs can be a tough decision because it involves both practical and aesthetic concerns. A certain chair might be ideal for the style of your barbershop or salon, but lack the features you want, like medical grade vinyl, a reclining backrest, or a removable headrest. 

Barber chairs can be a large outlay, especially since they tend to be bought in sets of three or more. The barber chairs we offer at DSSE range from $800 to $1450. What’s the cause of such a large range in price? Read on for details on how features, design, and other considerations all impact the cost of barber chairs.

Practical considerations in the cost of barber chairs

A good quality barber chair should have a number of basic features. It should feature a wide, stable base, and the chair as a whole should not have any protruding or sharp edges. The hydraulic pump should be lockable.

Most barber shops offer shaving services, and for these, a chair that can recline is also essential. Depending on your preferences, it may be best to look for a model that offers a removable headrest, as these are essential for shaving but a hindrance for haircuts. 

The upholstery of a barber chair should be both comfortable and durable. Ideally, customers will be sitting in it all day! Ease of cleaning is also a factor. There should be no crevices or gaps in the design where hair cannot be easily blown out or swept away. 

All the barber chairs we sell at DSSE address the considerations above as a minimum standard. We also offer product warranties on both upholstery and hydraulics for extra peace of mind.

Barber chair cost: premium features and aesthetic considerations 

Once you’ve got the basic requirements for one of the most important tools in your shop sorted, it’s time for the fun bit: aesthetics and premium features. If you’re going for an old-school, vintage feel, the beautiful gold, bronze, and steel finishes and fretwork on our Chryssos, Cuban, or Pistol chairs are for you.

As well as offering you a choice of any upholstery colour and material, these chairs offer premium features such as flip-up footrests and memory foam for the highest level of luxury and comfort. 

On the other hand, if you’re after a workhorse chair that is elegant without drawing too much attention to itself, consider our Continental or Gagliano – after all, it’s hard to go wrong with black! These chairs lean more toward the iconic barber chair design and are ideal for new shops or salons that may need to buy several new chairs at once. 

What about second-hand barber chairs?  

While these chairs may be cheaper, we do not recommend buying a second-hand barber chair. It goes without saying that barber chairs are an investment that must be properly looked after and maintained – it’s risky to make a purchase without knowing the provenance and maintenance history of a chair.

The bottom line on barber chair cost

The price of a barber chair will vary greatly depending on individual needs and requirements. At DSSE, we have a range of chairs to suit every budget, and we stand behind the quality of our barber chairs; offering product warranties on all items. Shipping Australia-wide! Check out our range today – we also carry an exceptional selection of medical stools, medical tables, salon styling chairs and other salon accessories.